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Free fabric mod for Minecraft

Sodium is a free and open-source optimization mod for the popular sandbox game, Minecraft. This game utility improves the frame rates of your vanilla game by a lot. It also reduces micro-stutter and fixes graphical issues in the game, so you can play with much better visuals. This mod boasts wide compatibility with the fabric mod ecosystem, as compared to other Minecraft modifications. It also does not compromise the game, giving you an authentic blocky game feel. 

What is Sodium?

While Minecraft provides entertaining gameplay, its visuals are less aesthetically appealing compared to other games. Luckily, it supports modding, allowing developers to create fabric mods that greatly improve how the game looks. One such mod is Sodium. As noted, it improves the game’s frame rates, fixes graphical defects, and reduces micro-stutter. However, unlike other fabric mods, such as Optifine, it also provides significant improvements to the game performance. 

This mod utilizes modern OpenGL features for chunk rendering, which allows a significant reduction in CPU usage when rendering the world. With this, even if your GPU can’t keep up, your gaming will be more stable. Additionally, the data format used for rendered chunks will be more compact to reduce video memory and bandwidth requirements by almost 40%. The mod also offers various optimizations for chunk loading and block rendering, so the process will be a lot faster and less damaging to frame rates.

This mod requires the latest version of Fabric Loader before installation—after which, all you need to do is simply drop the mod file into your mods folder. You also do not need to create new worlds to take advantage of all its features. The app is still in the alpha stage, so you may run into small graphical issues or crashes while using it. Moreover, it is incompatible with Optifine, so you must ensure that you don’t have the mod installed in your game. 

Get better visuals

Overall, Sodium is a great addition to your Minecraft gaming. It enhances the visuals of the game by up to 400%. Not only that, but it also provides improvements to the game’s performance, so you could play with fewer lag spikes. Note, however, that it does not yet support Fabric Rendering API, so there may be a small number of mods that are not compatible with it.


  • Improves game frame rates
  • Reduces CPU usages
  • Fix graphical defects
  • Reduces vidoe memory and bandwidth requirements


  • Does not support Fabric Rendering API
  • Small graphical issues
  • Sometimes crashes

Sodium Mod for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.16.1
  • 4.8
  • (4)
  • Security Status

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